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Nature is a Meditation


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Poems seeking light

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Follow the Spirits in the Mist

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Visions, Seeds and Poems

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shadows and Spells in Lavender and Red

Thanks for visiting my shadow-play!
I love sunlit textures...shadows..and shapes..
and I love to interact with them..child at heart!

This Old Red Chair is from my childhood home,
my father upholstered it when we were just kids.
It is wobbly and old but still special to me ..
even in bright velveteen has charm and spirit.

Heart of a Wizardess

Also a Warm Thank You goes out to Marfi,
who recently sent me a beautiful crystal in the mail!
I'll be sure to use in a photo-shoot sometime soon.. Thanks Marfi !
and also playing  along with her Haunted Humpday Meme

There are more Thank-yous I will share soon
for other bloggers that I need to Thank!
Hugs, Victoria

Wishing you a Beautiful October


Suzanne said...

Oh I just LOVE the chair!

Mandy Southgate said...

Oh wow, this is beautiful and mysterious. I love the play if light and shadows against the texture if the velvet and light.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I love that the chair looks like the dress of a woman. Something warm and inviting...

And yes, Marfi is a darling ;-)

Witchy J said...

I love your photographic work it's so very atmospheric. Shadows play is such a great think to capture too.

J x

Incipient Wings said...

So beautiful and mysterious
I always feel such a calm descend on me when I visit here:)
You're welcome for the crystal. Thank you for participating!
Happy haunted Humpday!

Victoria said...

Victoria, I love the way light and shadows play with each other, too, and you captured that so beautifully. The shadow of the hand is so poignant. And the other photos are beautiful and magical too, as always! I hope you have a wonderful October also.



VM Creation Atelier said...

It's just marvelous.... Totally stunning memories,which warmed our soul!!!
Beautiful shadows,and so touched....

Hugs to you,dear friend!

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Thank you for this gift of beautiful images on this wet an misty October morning.I love to think that chairs hold the imprint of everyone who ever sat in them.We have a chair with a similar story,also red,now chosen by one of our dogs as her personal chair.

Happy October to you too Victoria!

Sim said...

I love your hand everywhere Victoria!
Amazing sense of ligth my dear! :)

DogsMom said...

Your images are beautiful and magical. The shadow play adds the mystical sense.

dandelion twist said...

A red velveteen chair--what a wonderful treasure to still have after all these years.
I love your play of light and shadows, too, it just adds an extra special touch to your images!!
Happy October to you too!!

Magic Love Crow said...

I hope you're having a blessed October ;o) I love your family chair! It is gorgeous! I bet if it could talk, it would have many stories to tell ;o) Hugs ;o)

Jess said...

I enjoyed your shadow whispers! Let me say while I'm here, your little Faery Wizardess is SO CUTE!!!
Thanks for sharing Victoria. :)
Jess x x

Dianne said...

BRILLIANT, your the BEST with the light anywhere, magical hands, thank you for sharing that special chair, loooove the sepia photos, and wishing you a glorious October my favorite month, it's been a pleasure to visit, you touch all my senses and fill my heart, Namaste, my kindred Spirit.

Terri said...

Hello Victoria, your shadow spell weaving is magical! The images share the texture you love in the sun so well. The chair your father upholstered is such a treasure!
The shadow hand seems to be reaching deep within the chair.
Oooh your sepia images are wonderful!

Cath.H.C Photography said...

Merveilleux fauteuil rouge, tu as une valeur sentimentale j'imagine bien, puisque ton papa l'a retapissé!
Tes photos sont très belles, vraiment très belles!

Amanda said...

A most evocative post for this time of year - hauntingly lovely! xoxo

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