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Welcome* to my Visual Diary ©

Welcome* to my Visual Diary ©
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a night of poems & black wings

a night of poems & black wings



seeds of creativity

Themes of transformation & transiting through cycles of life, breath, death & healing seem to seep into my work. Nature, magic, creation & the ever-morphing seasons are a constant guiding force & inspiration.
~victoria pettella~

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Sunday, October 2, 2022

poems for invisible creatures..

~poems for invisible creatures~

victoria pettella


my bones 

could not feel death

the rain in my skull 

wore the bruise 

of lonely flowers


near the strange mossy hollow

the rabbit fell away 

like mist

and I was no longer lost

For the endless 

glimmering thread

split itself upon the bluest flame

and I was free


It is the scar of dawn 

that lingers upon 

my disenchanted breath

the skull of lone-bird

In regal sunset

The darkling Oak to the wild fairy-heart

The bard of solace to the dying lark

It is the splintered star

Upon night's jagged tongue

The bloodhound just shy of nonsensical chart

where the wounded lay ethereal 

in dust-caramel earth

like the amber-glass-fly upon its candied-perch

And when the lamp-light heart 

becomes a looming sky

full of hurricane birds 

and haunted song

 the Coyote Willow bleeds down fast

into the feral dust of invisible arms

For Autumn sends her bonfire-ghosts

into the vanishing welts of dawn

to kiss vaporous wings 

of fractured birds 

now faded, wistful 

and gone

She fell into the arms
of the dying forest
and gave all of her flesh
to the wilds
of earth


poems for invisible creatures


In the deeps 
of the Eternal
Silver ravens plucked stars 
from my soul
Spiders made graves of lace 
in my skull
Fireflies danced their light
into my bones
and Autumn's grimoire 
set itself on fire


In Winter sings

a silent bird

that only those near death

can hear


To All Things Otherworldly and Beautiful...Destroy me

I would rather take the risk

of being destroyed

by something

otherworldly and beautiful

than to keep living

in an empty tomb

with nothing extraordinary

to weep for


Lay with me beneath

the sharpened husk

of the Moon

Braid my raven-hair

with blue stars and sapphires

Sing me your dark Autumn-song

Let me belong only to you

and make a sinewed grave of magic

for our flesh to sigh and dream 



poems for...Invisible Creatures


So hauntful glows 

my faerie-torn heart

wound, tide and worlds they meld

all in the moonlit dark

searing, jagged waves burn

across the vampyric clock 

skeleton key lost 

in the hungering winds

to the enchantress hidden nigh

fernseed dried and crystals buried 

in the forest-tomb

the red fox gathers round the Elm-tree-eye

and the rain-kissed roots

where lullabies of dark 

weep in the earth

where the sad witch-lass 

burned and burned

and her broken heart lay

beneath the emerald-mound

encased in a small metal box 

with lost trinkets

dark stars 

and lonely moths


poems for invisible creatures


I have been wearing
the Lost Stars
Feeding from death
Swimming in fire and ashes
Seeding my wounds
in the Evermore
of unanswered dreams
Searching the drifting
Someone send me a sign
I have been dying
for years
Someone send me a sign
I have been alive 
on the other side
of the Universe....
waiting to merge,
explode, bend into light
Waiting to find you
A haunting plethora
of nothingness
still carries the light 
from your sleeping Heart
I wear your Starlight
and your Sword
Stitched to the cosmos
last lingering veins
Hoping you will find me
inside the breath
of this lonely dream


poems for invisible creatures

No longer impermeable 
Light glimmers from the veil of the Moon 
She has come to taste and free my wounds 
Cosmic Ghosts soak me in Auric Bloom… 
For I am no longer caged in dreams 
No longer a dormant seed 
No longer impermeable
My soul in transit
Now winged and free

All poetry~Victoria Pettella

poems for invisible creatures

Friday, September 30, 2022

Cosmic Exhale...I gave my Breath to Nebulous Dreamworlds~2

Victoria Pettella~

 I gave my breath to nebulous dreamworlds

In my dreams

I swim in the fire 

of the Cosmos

my flesh slips away

my scars wear wings

in my dreams

I am unchained

I am wild and free


To Vanish upon Strange Cosmic Moors..

I climb inside the dark heart of Night

To taste velvet flowers

To swim through veils of starlight

To satiate my soul

with sonnets of Moondust

To drink from blue veins

of endless galaxies

To ride the sparkling tail 

of the Cosmos

I gave my breath 

to nebulous 



Cosmic Exhale

80 in reverse
Time portal gleams
Where has the rabbit gone?
Auras glimmer electric
Starlight bends across 
the mystic highway
of lost poets 
and dream-keepers
I am certain we met 
somewhere before
I can feel you in my veins
We were wrapped 
in forests of aquamarine
Swam through 
flowering shards of magenta
and we wore the taste 
of the Moon in our souls
I told that rabbit
I will always 
be your 

Endless stars
flood my eyes
in Night's eternal 


Every night
the stars
on my skin
my soul
with dreams 
of you

Cosmic Exhale...I gave my breath to nebulous dreamworlds

We hung upside-down
from Summer skies
a whirlwind fever
cotton-candy fire
poems kiss lovers 
atop cosmic rides
a carnival of dreams 
flood electric eyes

a jolt emptied my pockets alive
keys and copper coins fall 
to their demise
laughter tremors
bitten lips capsize
down into the moonlit stars
young wolves rise
hunting still...
for yet another sunrise

we wander the fracture 
of blooming light
wearing drunken paint
now lost in the wires
haunting the tombs 
of our dithering minds
We hung upside-down
from Summer skies
We hung upside-down
all of our lives

We have become
of starlight
the haunted 
of the 


The Moon 
full of sorcery 
and beauty
impaled me 
with her veil 
of blue 

I gave my breath to Nebulous Dreamworlds~Cosmic Exhale

The rain floods
my veins with cosmic breath
And all my stars are permeable
they break like jewels on fire
My skin scarred
with songbirds of lightning
My memory burns down 
to mossy peridot
I feel the ashes of songs 
written long ago
travelling my tongue
I was once a little child
hauntful, creaturely 
a blackbird-soul
Sinking my feet into wild bark
Chanting to faerie 
and blossoms of Oak
Climbing forest bones
in the evening sky
I came upon a yellow butterfly
shattered by the torrent of winds
I began to cry
for I could not set her free
or will her back to life
The ravens came
and poured their stars into my hair
weaving a dreamland 
of your ancient wings
softly sewn 
inside my being
Now all my stars 
are fused
Your yellow wings

Here come the dark winds
so strangely aphotic 
and whirling
lifting veils through
my glimmering mind
melodic and sweetly burning
she wears no ghosts
elastic branches 
beam cerulean 
and climb 
like forest wires 
of sapphire
the ravens dance
strewing cosmic shards 
into my gothic hair
the air is warm
as blood and there 
are electric stars
on my 

I gave my breath to Nebulous Dreamworlds

You have turned 
my heart
into a garden
 of stars

Carpe Noctem
Stay with me
For the Moon
has cut 
open again
And the stars
are falling
so that you may taste
the fire
of your 

All Poetry~ Victoria Pettella

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Friday, September 16, 2022

Monday, September 12, 2022

I gave my breath to Nebulous Dreamworlds ~1

~ victoria pettella~

Longing for wildflowers

was like the wind
and longing
for wildflowers
like a bird 
her song
and pouring her 
into the wounds of sunlit 

My dreaming skin

It is the wild lark
pecking through 
my dreaming 
telling me my wounds can fly
telling me my scars 
are thin
biting through 
emerald veins and dead 
setting fire 
to moon-kissed flesh
in Summer's final 
I have ripped 
o p e n
so I can climb 
the Autumn trees
My light escaping
the dark bird 
in me

s o l i t u d e


a beautiful abyss

an exquisite loneliness

a longing for the soul

I gave my breath to nebulous dreamworlds

I swam through 
Night's obsidian heart
Tasted velvet skulls 
and moonflowers
Painted my skin
in the blood-nectar 
of starlight
and gave my breath 
to nebulous dreamworlds
The Moon adorned me
in her most radiant armour
and set me adrift
upon waves
of the Eternal


The softening strands 
of existence 
the lasting wounds 
of impermanence
here we kissed the dying sunlight
wafting wild from our dreaming lips
luminous threads 
weaving dark flowers 
through our skin
strange forests , phantom nectars 
culled in secret 
here on the gentle brink 
the blackening cosmos
never told me why
my eyes remember yours
and eternal-sleep came to taste 
the decadent-haze
of my final breath
the moon parting my skin 
the sacred chasm within
can you see my bouquet of bones? 
my skeletal pyre burns sweet 
and stains the wind with lilac 
I have slipped far past a lingering wave 
a herbarium of invisible flesh
where burning stars once lived

Summer's veil

Where I have been lately..
Dreaming with the foxgloves 
along Summer's veil
Reading poems
under the ghost-bride 
of moonlight
Chanting as all wild-hearted 
witches do in the forest
Wandering through the towers 
of goldenrod and sorcerer's violet
Offering my soul 
to the rain-soaked gardens
Swallowing the sunlight
in the mossy labyrinth-womb
Standing still in the bones 
of the blue night
Listening to the creatures 
and leaving offerings
Tangling into branches 
searching for wisdom
Sleeping in the ivy 
and waking against the bark
Harvesting mother's greenery 
and weaving new seeds
Letting my spirit dance 
with the never-ending cosmos
Finding my freedom 
in the season of light


one night of fireflies 
and wine I wandered
through the tall sweetgrass
my skin fell away 
into colored shards of mica
the sky swallowed me whole
as though I were an offering
I felt the cosmic mists
take hold and whisper to me 
dancing through 
like wild dragonflies
a divine collision,  
spirals and tails
sliding down an endless spell 
of Moons
i carry the memory as a child 
now gone
and still I cling 
to molten stars
still i dream of worlds afar
I never could quite see your face
but it has always belonged 
to my heart
it carved a sacred meadow 
through my soul
and returned me
through spheres of pinks 
and gold
shimmering skins
fastened with light
a vessel pours me back 
to life
starry elixir
stitched into my hand
I awake beneath the Birch, 
glass and sand.
~victoria pettella~

I gave my breath to nebulous dreamworlds

In my dreams
the Raven 
pecks through
my sleeping heart
and feeds it
to the whirling 

All poetry ~Victoria Pettella

Autumn' sLight

Autumn' sLight

where I have been lately *dream with me here

A natural draw to the experimental side of things


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beautiful creatures

beautiful creatures

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raven in love with the moon

raven in love with the moon

black feathers

black feathers

ghosts of introversion

ghosts of introversion


visit sacred space...

a u r a

a u r a



g h o s t b i r d

g h o s t b i r d

** ethereal dreamworlds **

** ethereal dreamworlds **

visual potions ~by candlelight

visual potions ~by candlelight

wander through the veil with me

Poems seeking light

Poems seeking light

To all the rare flowers

To all  the rare flowers

**b e a u t i f u l ** s o u l s**

We are all strange and unusual; flawed, broken and beautiful ~victoria pettella

shadows & souls

shadows & souls

moonlit flora spells

moonlit flora spells

visual potion~ sun, shadow & strings

visual potion~ sun, shadow & strings

sacred spaces~

sacred spaces~

** symbolic visions **

)O( ***

Nature is a Meditation

Nature is a Meditation

visual spells ) o (

visual spells ) o (

one night the stars... let me in

ash and seed

ash and seed

uncaged & free

uncaged & free
a beautiful storm



Creative Encounters & Kindred Spirits

I love to meet and connect with fellow creatives! I have a deep appreciation for all artists, creative thinkers, unique souls.
While my nature is mostly introverted and I thrive as a hidden -solitaire, I have found connecting with other creative-spirits to be profoundly nourishing and deeply magical in ways my soul understands. To those I have met along the way that have enriched my life with your art-music-writing-creations-passion-energy-open-mindedness....I thank you immeasurably ! and to those I have reconnected with..thank you for giving me a sense of community in a world I always felt on my own in. Thank you for these creative encounters, they have transformed me.

solitary world

solitary world

the unseen

the unseen

releasing the shadows and returning to light

releasing the shadows and returning to light

visual poems..

visual poems..

sunskulls & wolf-bones ~ a cave of songs & poems

sunskulls & wolf-bones ~ a cave of songs & poems

new soul

new soul

Dark Blooms

Dark Blooms

you were always meant to be free

gothic spell

gothic spell

u n v e i l

The Bird whispered to the stone

The Bird whispered to the stone

The Secret Realm

The Secret Realm
What is behind the door of shadow and light...