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Welcome* to my Visual Diary ©

Welcome* to my Visual Diary ©
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a night of poems & black wings

a night of poems & black wings

seeds of creativity~

Themes of transformation & transiting through cycles of life, breath, death & healing seem to seep into my work. Nature, magic, creation & the ever-morphing seasons are a constant guiding force & inspiration.
~victoria pettella~

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Beneath Autumn Starlight~Songs for Creaturely Hearts~

~victoria pettella~


Autumn engulfed 
the last wounds 
of Summer
Kissed every petal 
to its withering end
Made pyres 
of burning altars
all for her
Combed her 
 down into 
the earthly roots
Fused in a tapestry 
of eternal seeds
And dressed her  
in a shimmering frock 
of Majestic 
~victoria pettella


In the Autumn flowers
where life 
was fading
I began to live
~victoria pettella~




Birds hang their hearts 
like beads upon 
burning threads of sunrise
Fire and glory sing 
in Summer's grand pyre 
of wild blooms
Violets circling the Lily's 
first opening
Tangled Harebell comfort
the dying mound of Iris
Catnip swarms the floral 
husks from Midsummer
There were stones overturned
from night creatures
Swiftly, the Robin swims 
for worms in 
a newly revealed 
wave of earth
The Moon still hides 
in an ocean of daylight
the palest blue dithering 
on pearlescent-grey
The Raven has 
muffled its grim caw 
in the highest pine
Untouched by 
the golden
so close
so close we are
so far from 
~victoria pettella~


Faery-bones weave my Heart
with vaporous spells
of haunted flesh
and Forest blood
Wild in their mischief
they lace my dreams
in Wreathes of Red Toadstool
and Rowan berries
Soul twined in burning Hazel
Poems stitched in Elder Bark
Kisses for the Darkling Elves
who dance nightly
for the Queen Lark
~victoria pettella~ lingersome



Near the white Lily Glen

Birds of paradise soaked 

in Summer's waning dew

Should the Elm bow down 

to the sleeping wren

I will come near

For it is here 

where I found you

With your inkwell and poems

and wild sunrise potions

The fawn and flora kissed

beneath the slumbering 

Maiden of May

You read aloud not knowing 

I could hear

Listening to your dark voice

like a velvet bell 

tolling in the 

thundering void of my heart 

I knew who you were to me

and I sat upon the mossy hill 

Hidden by the brambles

 and the stolen skeletal berries

Where the maimed fox lingers still

like a phantom tiger-lily-bloom

Mane of marmalade-fire

Your eyes were made 

of hidden firelight 

Cloaked in a cape 

of infinite-black

And I yearned to fill them 

with my love-light of stars.. 

For you to gaze upon my soul

and feel your sad eyes open

so newly healed

and glimmering for mine
~victoria pettella~

a tapestry 

of Wolf-bones


Beneath pale blinding 
spires of Moonlight
How silent the ivy grows
swelling from 
the honey-torn earth
Emerald-stars gleaming
the shadows upon bark
Liminal , my heart sank
then fell no more
Lost between the ritual 
of time and its hidden portal
A tapestry of wolf-bones 
hung high upon 
the black pines
She danced like a wild 
cloaked in the woodland-blur
soaked in Autumn's darkest wine
A myriad of splitting mirrors 
and broken birds
spinning songs unknown
Daggers cleansed in the rainfall
the forest quelling 
with gasping light
quietly disappears
beneath fading galaxies
How silent , the ivy billows
upon graves of moss
And carves through
daisy-grazed meadows
Liminal, my heart sank
then pulsed no more

~victoria pettella~


Foxglove hovers atop
green crinoline
and drowns for Spring's 
Eternal rainfall
Spells unearthed 
like blooming wounds
Songs undone by 
the banshee-heart 
still lingering 
upon the Heathered cliff
The sea-birds crave salted-air
and shrilling gulls fling their 
ballads of doom scant-across
the sea-foam rocks
The wizards of old
unmask their ghosts
to those unafraid 
of what they have lost
~victoria pettella~

Songs beneath Autumn starlight

the Autumn Starlight
we become
Beautiful Creatures
Hauntful, wild
and luminous
In October's 
strange magic

~victoria pettella~

Autumn's breath
a storm of ancient bells
ringing wild
with wind and fire
upon Summer's
Floral grave
~victoria pettella~


Garden of Wolves

Stay with me
Wander my
 Creaturely Heart
For within it 
live infinite 
of the Dark Forest
and beneath every Moon
you may dream with me
cloaked in the Garden
of Wolves
~victoria pettella~


Skeletal whisper 

on your lips

poems of death 

seep through 

October's  skin

Autumn leaves sweet 

in my mouth

Love blooming 


the graveyard dirt

~victoria pettella~




Autumn Starlight
mystic wild
in the Ancient
~victoria pettella~

Forever..beneath Autumn Starlight


Softly, where
the dying meadows 
in the hush 
of Autumn Starlight
the birds gather to chant
where is October's 
dancing breath?
She is the gothic rainfall
parting the leaves
bleeding into 
the rustic forest
of heart-torn melancholy
For Summer has 
sunken away
like a swollen grave
where frayed-angels 
wear wings
of broken seeds 
and ripening clay
Tourmaline-flowering skies
rushed out of your eyes
and I was forever 
~victoria pettella

Autumn Starlight
words~victoria pettella

Sunday, October 2, 2022

poems for invisible creatures..

~poems for invisible creatures~

victoria pettella

The Bluest Flame


my bones 

could not feel death

the rain in my skull 

wore the bruise 

of lonely flowers


near the strange 

mossy hollow

the rabbit fell away 

like mist

and I was no longer lost

For the endless 

glimmering thread

split itself 

upon the bluest flame

and I was free

~victoria pettella~


 poems for invisible creatures

I am 
a strange creature
in love
with my own hauntings
~victoria pettella~

It is the scar of Dawn 

that lingers Upon 

the Dragon's stolen-Breath

The skull of lone-Bird

in regal-sunset

The darkling-Oak 

to the wild Fairy-heart

The Bard of solace to the dying Lark

It is the splintered Star

Upon Night's

jagged -tongue

the Lost-Meadowhawk


her way

back to the


And when the lamp-light Heart 

becomes a looming-Sky

full of hurricane-birds 

and haunted-Song

the Coyote-Willow bleeds down fast

into the feral-dust of Invisible Arms

For Autumn sends her Bonfire-ghosts

into the vanishing welts of Dawn

to kiss vaporous-Wings 

of fractured birds 

Now faded, wistful 

And gone

~victoria pettella~

She fell into the arms
of the dying forest
and gave all of her flesh
to the wilds
of earth

*__________victoria pettella____________*

poems for invisible creatures


In the deeps 
of the Eternal
Silver ravens plucked stars 
from my soul
Spiders made graves of lace 
in my skull
Fireflies danced their light
into my bones
and Autumn's grimoire 
set itself on fire
victoria pettella


In Winter sings

a silent bird

that only those near death

can hear

~victoria pettella~



Veins of Emerald-Armour

The Trees 

pour their Emerald-Armour

into my veins

Forest-Marrow fills my bones

My dreaming-flesh

wears the Floral-Shield of Faery

My heart long dead

in the bark

~victoria pettella~

I N V I S I B L E  


To All Things Otherworldly and Beautiful...Destroy me

I would rather take the risk

of being destroyed

by something

otherworldly and beautiful

than to keep living

in an empty tomb

with nothing extraordinary

to weep for

~victoria pettella~


Lay with me beneath

the sharpened husk

of the Moon

Braid my raven-hair

with blue stars and sapphires

Sing me your dark Autumn-song

Let me belong only to you

and make a sinewed grave of magic

for our flesh to sigh and dream 


*__victoria pettella___*

poems for...Invisible Creatures

So hauntful-glows 

my Faerie-torn heart

wounds -Upon-tide 

and Worlds they-meld

All in the Moonlit-dark

Searing, jagged-waves burn

Across the Vampyric-clock 

Skeleton-keys lost 

in the hungering-Winds

To the Enchantress hidden-Nigh

fernseed-dried and crystals buried 

in the Forest-Tomb

The Red-fox gathers 

Round the Elm-tree-Eye

and the rain-kissed Roots

where lullabies of Dark 

weep in the Earth

where the sad-Witch-lass 

burned and burned

And her Heart-lay

beneath the Emerald-mound

armoured in metal 

encased in a locked-box

with lost-poems, the Darkest-stars 

and such Lonely-torn-moths

~victoria pettella


 We are Blue Wildfire

poems for invisible creatures


I have been wearing
the Lost-Stars
Feeding from death
Swimming in Fire and Ashes
Seeding my wounds
in the-Evermore
of unanswered-dreams
Searching the drifting

Someone send me a sign
I have been dying
for years
Someone send me a sign
I have been alive 
on the Other-side
of the Universe....
Waiting to merge
explode, bend into light
Waiting to find you

A haunting-Plethora
of nothingness
still carries the Light 
from your

I wear your Starlight
and your Sword
Stitched to the Cosmos
Hoping you will find me
inside the Breath
Of this Lonely-dream
~victoria pettella~


poems for invisible creatures

No longer impermeable 
Light glimmers from the veil of the Moon 
She has come to taste and free my wounds 
Cosmic Ghosts soak me in Auric Bloom… 
For I am no longer caged in dreams 
No longer a dormant seed 
No longer impermeable
My soul in transit
Now winged and free

~victoria pettella~

All poetry~Victoria Pettella

poems for invisible creatures


By Candlelight

By Candlelight

Autumn' sLight

Autumn' sLight

A natural draw to the experimental side of things


where I have been lately *dream with me here

wander with me



beautiful creatures

beautiful creatures

)0( ***

raven in love with the moon

raven in love with the moon

black feathers

black feathers

ghosts of introversion

ghosts of introversion


visit sacred space...

a u r a

a u r a



g h o s t b i r d

g h o s t b i r d

** ethereal dreamworlds **

** ethereal dreamworlds **

visual potions ~by candlelight

visual potions ~by candlelight

wander through the veil with me

Poems seeking light

Poems seeking light

To all the rare flowers

To all  the rare flowers

**b e a u t i f u l ** s o u l s**

We are all strange and unusual; flawed, broken and beautiful ~victoria pettella

shadows & souls

shadows & souls

moonlit flora spells

moonlit flora spells

visual potion~ sun, shadow & strings

visual potion~ sun, shadow & strings

sacred spaces~

sacred spaces~

** symbolic visions **

)O( ***

Nature is a Meditation

Nature is a Meditation

visual spells ) o (

visual spells ) o (

one night the stars... let me in

ash and seed

ash and seed

uncaged & free

uncaged & free
a beautiful storm



Creative Encounters & Kindred Spirits

I love to meet and connect with fellow creatives! I have a deep appreciation for all artists, creative thinkers, unique souls.
While my nature is mostly introverted and I thrive as a hidden -solitaire, I have found connecting with other creative-spirits to be profoundly nourishing and deeply magical in ways my soul understands. To those I have met along the way that have enriched my life with your art-music-writing-creations-passion-energy-open-mindedness....I thank you immeasurably ! and to those I have reconnected with..thank you for giving me a sense of community in a world I always felt on my own in. Thank you for these creative encounters, they have transformed me.

solitary world

solitary world

the unseen

the unseen

releasing the shadows and returning to light

releasing the shadows and returning to light

visual poems..

visual poems..

sunskulls & wolf-bones ~ a cave of songs & poems

sunskulls & wolf-bones ~ a cave of songs & poems

new soul

new soul

Dark Blooms

Dark Blooms

you were always meant to be free

gothic spell

gothic spell

u n v e i l

The Bird whispered to the stone

The Bird whispered to the stone

The Secret Realm

The Secret Realm
What is behind the door of shadow and light...